Coigach to Cape Wrath

Summary for Coigach to Cape Wrath

Coigach to Cape Wrath is an area in Scotland as defined by the SMC.The area contains 3 regions called , & .There are 4 munros around here.The highest munro is Ben Hope at a height of 927 metres .The smallest munro is Conival at a height of 987 metres .

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Details for: Coigach to Cape Wrath

The area covering Coigach to Cape Wrath is situated on the northwestern tip of the Highlands.

This area has the most northerly of the 3000ft mountains of Britain and it rises above Loch Hope.

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Order Height Munrosort icon
256 927 Ben Hope
194 962 Ben Klibreck
141 998 Ben More Assynt
158 987 Conival