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The munro is a mountain which was 3,000 feet or higher and gets it's name after Sir Hugh Munro who produced a list of peaks in 1891 to classify them. There are currently 283 Munros in the Scottish Highlands and these people who climb them are known as "munro baggers". On climbing to the summit of on of these 3000 feet plus peaks means that you have "bagged" the hill. The most famous munro is Ben Nevis effectionaly known as "The Ben" which at just under 4,500 feet, is the United Kingdoms’s highest mountain.

Many other people try to compete against previous records ie seeing how many munros can be bagged in a day, or how fast they can be completed. Stephen Pyke is currently the holder of the fastest continuous round completing them all in just under 40 days in 2010. For many climbers, the aim is to complete all 284 at which point you can claim to be a "Munroist".

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If you're planning to Bagg any Munro's in Scotland, the usually safety precautions should be taken as you would for any mountaineering activity. You don't necessarily have to be a highly equipped & experienced mountaineer but you should not into any serious routes at first and tackle the easier peaks to start with and slowly build up you fitness / stamina and also your experience.

Be sure to do research on the Munro you're going to tackle and make sure it's not out of your league as some munros need a really good head for heights and scrambling skills and it's always a good idea to have knowledge of various escape routes in-case the weather turns bad as it often does in Scotland. Always take a map and compass, don't rely as a GPS as your primary navigation tools and always take plenty of water and enough food for a night on the hills.

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If you're climbing a Munro in Scotland it's recommended to go in a small group as it's safety in numbers. However if you do decide you prefer going it alone make sure you tell people / mountain rescue the route you are heading on, and the time you expect to be down from your carefully planned route. Don't rely on a mobile phone as it can be useful tool but will have limited / no reception especially in some of the remote glens.

Never underestimate the Scottish Weather as it is renowned to be changeable in all parts with the West Coast being the most unpredictable due to the weather systems coming from the Atlantic Ocean. Even in the summer months there can be freezing temperatures, howling winds and freezing rain on the summits, ridges and belaches even if the morning started as a calm sunny day. Always keep an eye on the forecast and keep an eye out for the weather posters often pinned up around the highlands giving mountain weather forecasts for the next few days.

Always take a few layers of clothing with you to protect you from the cold along with water proofs, hats and glove are also recommended to be taken up even in the summer months.

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By far the most popular time to climb munros are in the months from May to September as the snow will more than likely have melted in these months. However as previously mentioned always be aware of the weather as it is always changing and nothing should be taken for granted. Even though these are the most popular months on some lesser treaded hills you can still have the hill to your self, and some of the popular ones can be busy. Expect to queue to Bagg the Inaccessible Pinnacle (Sgurr Dearg)>/a> on a nice spring /summers day.

Winter walking in Scotland is another level al together and should only be attempted by experienced climbers. There are many winter training courses available to take during the winter months and should do some of these before venturing any winter munros. The Winter Munro's in Scotland contain some severe ice climbs and there are many deaths every year in avalanches and falls. Even on a good day in snowy conditions the mountains will look so close it can be dark at 4:00pm.

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No. You can post comments on various parts of the site without regestering by completing a simple math problem to prove you're human. By regestering you get to tick off / log your munros.

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