What Are ‘Munros’?

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The munro is a mountain which was 3,000 feet or higher and gets it's name after Sir Hugh Munro who produced a list of peaks in 1891 to classify them. There are currently 283 Munros in the Scottish Highlands and these people who climb them are known as "munro baggers". On climbing to the summit of on of these 3000 feet plus peaks means that you have "bagged" the hill. The most famous munro is Ben Nevis effectionaly known as "The Ben" which at just under 4,500 feet, is the United Kingdoms’s highest mountain.

Many other people try to compete against previous records ie seeing how many munros can be bagged in a day, or how fast they can be completed. Stephen Pyke is currently the holder of the fastest continuous round completing them all in just under 40 days in 2010. For many climbers, the aim is to complete all 284 at which point you can claim to be a "Munroist".