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Driesh is an munro in Scotand and is located in the area as defined by SMC. (and lies in region known as )

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HeightGrid Ref.PronunciationMeaning
947 metres / 3107 feetNO271735DreeshThorn bush

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Driesh rises abrove the tiny Braedownie with the rocky crag-face called "The Scorrie" (766m) thrust upon you immediately as probably the finest feature of Glen Clova. The Driesh summit point is situated on the Mounth plateau and over looks Glen Doll on the north, with the north-eastern flanks of the mountain forming two large corries "Corrie Winter" and "Corrie of Farchal". The slopes of Driesh's southern side are moderate to gentle and blend into the rest of the surrounding landscape of undulating hills. The summit plateau is featureless with the top marked by a trig point inside a summit stone enclosure.

Usual accent to the summit of Driesh is from the old hill path into Corrie Kilbo which then climbs onto the plateau by The Shank of Drumfollow which forms the grass shoulder between Corrie Kilbo and Corrie Fee. From this col climb onto the top. Only a 3km walk to the west and mere 140m drop in height is Mayar the neighbouring munro which is generally climbed in the same outing. Alternatively access can be found on the northern ridge via The Scorrie which is also a fine ascent route. If you plan to descend from Driesh remember to choose a place that avoids some of the dense plantations which will soak you after rain.

From the summit point you get excellent views across a large area on a clear day including the Lochnagar Hills on the north, Glenshee to the west, and even out towards the North Sea on the east coast.

The closeness of Driesh to the city of Dundee makes it a popular Munro with locals; in many ways making it the Dundonian equivalent to Ben Lomond near Glasgow.

The number of registered munro-madness users who have climbed Driesh is Forty-Eight

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