Lurg Mhor

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Lurg Mhor is an munro in Scotand and is located in the area Glen Cannich to Glen Carron as defined by SMC. (and lies in region known as Monar )

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HeightGrid Ref.PronunciationMeaning
986 metres / 3235 feetNH065404Loorug VoarBig ridge
Glen Cannich to Glen CarronWest Monar, tel: 01463 761267
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Lurg Mhor is a remote munro which stands high on the western head of Loch Monor and is famously inaccessible and among the most remote in the Highlands. Lurg Mhor is an long mountain stretching from east to west with it's summit on the western side. High on the north sides of the peak is a quartzite crag which is characterized by slabs and channels which are well seen from Bidean a' Choire Sheagaich. On the eastern side there's a long ridge called Meall Mhor which drops down over heather, rocks and grass to the western shores of Loch Monor and Pait Lodge.

The western ridge contours slightly to the north before dropping over bouldery slopes on to a broad bealach between Lurg Mhor and the connecting munro situated to the north west Bidean a' Choire Sheagaich

Usual means of ascent is from the A890 road at Craig in Glen Carron where a private road crosses the West Highland Railway and heads up the north side of the Allt a' Chonais, cross the bridge at NH074467 and following the stalker paths onto Bealach Bhearnais. From Bealach Bhearnais access is either via the peaks Bein Tharsuinn (863m) and Bidean a' Choire Sheagaich, or follow Allt Bealach Crudhain south to reach the col between the 2 munros.

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