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Sgurr Fhuaran is an munro in Scotand and is located in the area as defined by SMC. (and lies in region known as )

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HeightGrid Ref.PronunciationMeaning
1067 metres / 3501 feetNG978166Skoor OoweranRocky peak of the wolf

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The mountain reaches a height of 1067 metres (3501 feet) and qualifies as a Munro and a Marilyn, it is the highest point for a significant distance, having a sizeable topographic prominence of 663 metres and gives extensive views from its summit. The meaning of the mountain’s name is obscure, Sgurr Fhuaran means "Peak of the well or spring". However some people maintain that the mountain was named after the war cry of the Clan MacRae (on whose ancient lands the mountain stands), the war cry being "Sgurr Uaran" ("Fh" is usually silent in Scottish Gaelic).

Sgurr Fhuaran is one of three mountains that make up the Five Sisters of Kintail (the other two being Sgurr na Ciste Dhuibhe and Sgurr na Càrnach) and when seen from Mam Ratagan above Loch Duich, the Five Sisters are one of the best known views in the Western Highlands of Scotland. The legend of the Five Sisters of Kintail tells the story of seven sisters, daughters of a local farmer, two of whom married visiting brothers who said they would send their five other brothers for the remaining five sisters to wed. However, no one returned and the five remaining sisters agreed for a local wizard to transform them into peaks in order to preserve their beauty while they waited.

Sgurr Fhuaran is a distinctive peak with steep slopes which drop away to Glen Shiel on its western flank at an angle of over 30 degrees giving the mountain a feeling of great height. It has four main ridges, the best known of these is the WNW ridge which is conspicuous in views from Glen Shiel, it drops away precipitously from the summit to descend 1000 metres in just over two kilometres to the River Shiel in the valley. The southern ridge connects to the adjoining Munro of Sgurr na Carnach, which lies a kilometre away. The eastern ridge which is a narrow knife edge in places gives a dramatic ascent route from Glenlicht House at the head of the remote Gleann Lichd. Between the southern and eastern ridges lies the impressive Coire Domhain to which the mountain drops almost vertically. The northern ridge goes to the Munro “top” of Sgurr na Saighead (Peak of the Arrows) which with a height of 929 metres lies a kilometre away from the main summit. This northern ridge continues for a further four kilometres to reach sea level at the shores of Loch Duich.

The direct ascent of Sgurr Fhuaran starts at sea level at the foot of Glen Shiel (grid reference NG946179 ) where there is a footbridge over the River Shiel, it is an unrelenting steep climb up the WNW ridge. A more interesting variation takes in Sgurr na Saighead on the way and then follows the north ridge to the main summit. The full traverse of the Five Sisters ridge is rated by mountain writers as among the best walks in Scotland. The only problem lies with transport between the starting and finishing points of the walk which are eight kilometres apart. The best solution to this is starting at Morvich in Strath Croe (NG960211) and walking up Gleann Lichd to its head before ascending to the ridge and walking it south to north to finish at the shores of Loch Duich near the days starting point.

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