Glen Affric SYHA

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Glen Affric SYHA is an hostel in Scotand and is located in the area as defined by SMC. There are 3 munros around here.The highest munro is Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan at a height of 1151 metres .The smallest munro is An Socach [Glen Affric] at a height of 921 metres .

AddressGrid Ref.Postcode
Allt Beithe, Glen Affric, Cannich, Beauly, IV 47 8TANH079202IV 47 8TA
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None Available
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Please note a compass and a map are required for navigating to the hostel.

Glen Affric offers a unique rustic experience. The glen is surrounded by fine mountains and hillwalkers are spoilt for choice. This hostel is made available to the SYHA by the National Trust for Scotland. Be environmentally aware - please take your rubbish away with you. There are no shopping facilities nearby, so it is essential to bring supplies with you. In addition, due to the remoteness of the hostel there are no laundry facilities and guests should bring your own sleeping bag.