Schiehallion viewed across the River Tay


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No body else semms to have said much about these pictures so - here is one -- I did this along with a chap called Philip about five years ago at the end of March - we never really got a clear view of the hill like the picture mainly a combination of of mist sunshine + showers and quite a strong breeze. We got to the top ( I seem to recall there was a marker there for a young man who I assume died on the hill in his twenties I think ). Because of the wind went on hands and knees the last couple of yards and stood up slowly + turned round to tell Philip that I thought it was safe to come on the top - when behind him I could see against the grey cloud a magnificent small rainbow with a huge blade of rock in the middle - the colours in the rainbow against the grey cloud were outstanding.

A minute later it vanished in the mist and we set off down the hill - after about ten minutes the clouds lifted and I looked back at the blade of rock + there was nothing there - just emptiness I was looking north over a valley. We were both stunned and could not understand it - we knew we had had a couple of pints before but that much to drink !!

We mentioned it in the hotel bar that night and you could tell the people there, were shall we say to be polite - sceptical to say the least. It was about six weeks later we discovered that we had seen a brocken spectre and the 'blade of rock' was me - never seen one since but do take a camera with me now

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