Beinn Chabhair from Beinglas

Summary for Beinn Chabhair from Beinglas

Beinn Chabhair from Beinglas is a route in “The ” region / range which is located in the area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

This is a mainly circular route but there are parts where you need to retrace your footsteps

Sunrise 8:49 am
Sunset 3:36 pm
6 hours 46 minutes(s) daylight
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Route points for Beinn Chabhair from Beinglas

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NN31781879108° ESE0.31 (0.31)Start from wooden bridge that crosses River Falloch
NN32061868119° ESE0.4 (0.71)Follow the footpath which does a detour around the farm
NN32401846128° SE0.46 (1.17)Continue on the north bank of the burn past some pretty waterfalls
NN3330177167° ENE1.21 (2.38)Continue along the path which is boggy in parts
NN3522180167° ENE0.37 (2.75)At Lochan Beinn Chabhair head up the hillside of Meall nan Tarmachan
NN3588183995° E0.38 (3.13)Head along the ridge onto the summit of Beinn Chabhair.
NN36681794317° NW0.38 (3.51)The summit Beinn Chabhair - 933 ( metres)
NN36431823300° WNW0.2 (3.71)Head back along the ridge over to Meall nan Tarmachan
NN35711850285° WNW0.08 (3.79)from Meall nan Tarmachan continue along decending onto another top
NN34231871266° W0.2 (3.99)Pass on the south side of pretty Lochan a' Chaisteil onto another top Meall Mor nan Eag
NN34031870267° W0.49 (4.48)From Meall Mor nan Eag descend steeply down
NN32401846299° WNW0.4 (4.88)Follow the track back down to Beinglas Farm
Munros covered on Beinn Chabhair from Beinglas
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
244 933 Beinn Chabhair Hill of the hawk Byn chavaar