Meall Greigh, Meall Garbh, An Stuc

Summary for Meall Greigh, Meall Garbh, An Stuc

Meall Greigh, Meall Garbh, An Stuc is a route in “The ” region / range which is located in the area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

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Sunrise 5:05 am
Sunset 9:40 pm
16 hours 35 minutes(s) daylight
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Route points for Meall Greigh, Meall Garbh, An Stuc

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NN67933999329° NNW0.6 (0.6)Start from the A827 road north east of the bridge crossing the Layers Burn
NN67644051349° N1.15 (1.75)Continue on the path which runs on the east of The Lawers Burn about 2km
NN66964243N0.65 (2.4)Once reaching stream from Meall Greigh climb towards summit
NN67484331338° NNW0.5 (2.9)Ascend onto the summit which is a grassy dome
NN67314379305° NW0.5 (3.4)The summit Meall Greigh - 1001 ( metres)
NN66914409280° W0.43 (3.83)Travers westerly accross a broad grassy ridge onto col between Meall Garbh and Meall Greigh
NN65674404274° W0.76 (4.59)From col ascend grassy slopes onto summit
NN64314359226° SW0.4 (4.99)The summit Meall Garbh 'Lawers region' - 1118 ( metres)
NN64014332193° SSW0.11 (5.1)From col climb steeply over crags / steeply onto summit of An Stuc
NN63814309206° SSW0.54 (5.64)The summit An Stuc - 1118 ( metres)
NN6355426169° ENE0.65 (6.29)From col between An Stuc & Creag an Fhithich descend steep grass gully
NN6417428395° E0.85 (7.14)Traverse past Locachan nan cat
NN6577427696° E0.31 (7.45)continue down to Small Hydro Dam
NN66084271124° SE0.3 (7.75)By Small Hydro Dam on Lawers Burn a track leads down
NN66474256126° SE0.87 (8.62)Tack the path down beside the burn this leads down to road
NN67644051149° SSE0.6 (9.22)Back to the A827 road
Munros covered on Meall Greigh, Meall Garbh, An Stuc
Order Heightsort icon Munro Meaning Pronunciation
136 1001 Meall Greigh Hill of the horse studs Miaowl Gree
34 1118 An Stuc The steep hill Un Stook
35 1118 Meall Garbh 'Lawers region' Rough hill Miaowl Gree