Ben Challum from Tyndrum

Summary for Ben Challum from Tyndrum

Ben Challum from Tyndrum is a route in “The Tyndrum” region / range which is located in the Loch Tay to Loch Rannoch area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

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Sunrise 7:28 am
Sunset 5:35 pm
10 hours 6 minutes(s) daylight
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11 km/ 6.84 miles960 m/ 3149.61 ft5 hours +
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Route up the single munro Ben Challum  which dominates the north east of Straith Fillan from the most accessible southern side from Kirkton Farm / St Fillan's Priory. This is the usual ascent of Ben Challum starting from Kirkton Farm and then head up past the old graveyard, then cross the West Highland Railway by either the crossing or footbridge onto the open hillside. Then head north east onto knolls of Creag Loisgte from where around 650m an obvoius path follows an old fence onto the Southern Top (Problem may arise route finding in bad conditions). Descend to west of southtop then ascend the western ridge to reach the summit of  Ben Challum.

To descend return vai same route of ascent.

On a clear day expect views of

Route points for Ben Challum from Tyndrum

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NN3559280779° E0.12 (0.12)Head along the road leading to Kirkton farm
NN3571280833° NNE0.31 (0.43)Cross over River Fillan by the bridge
NN35892833316° NW0.12 (0.55)Pass Kirkton Farm head uphill past old graveyard
NN3606287017° NNE0.93 (1.48)Cross the West Highland Railway by the level crossing
NN3637295848° NE1.35 (2.83)Head up the open hillside
NN3741304452° NE0.86 (3.69)around 650m follow obvious path following the line of the fence
NN3847313211° N0.17 (3.86)Ascend Broad ridge onto the south top
NN38513149N0.29 (4.15)Ben Challum - South Top
NN38543178354° N0.18 (4.33)Follow ridge across slight drop onto summit
NN38513219172° S0.24 (4.57)The summit Ben Challum - 1025 ( metres)
NN38533195174° S0.18 (4.75)Return across ridge back over southern top
NN38113093232° SW0.86 (5.61)Descend back down grassy slopes back to Kirkton farm
Munros covered on Ben Challum from Tyndrum
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
106 1025 Ben Challum Malcolm's Mountain Ben Challum