Beinn a’ Chreachain, Beinn Achaladair

Summary for Beinn a’ Chreachain, Beinn Achaladair

Beinn a’ Chreachain, Beinn Achaladair is a route in “The ” region / range which is located in the area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

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Sunrise 5:02 am
Sunset 9:47 pm
16 hours 45 minutes(s) daylight
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Route points for Beinn a’ Chreachain, Beinn Achaladair

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NN3210442737° NE0.41 (0.41)Start from Achallader farm heading along track to Loch Rannoch
NN3236445959° ENE0.55 (0.96)Cross over Allt Coire Achallader (problem if in spate)
NN3293449772° ENE0.84 (1.8)Follow the track to the bridge over the Water of Tulla
NN3374451972° ENE0.23 (2.03)Cross over the bridge over the Water of Tulla and continue into Cannach Wood
NN3484454584° E1.78 (3.81)Cross the West Highland Railway via footbridge
NN36624554100° E1.01 (4.82)Continue from hillside below Coire an Lochain up grassy slopes onto Col
NN37614532168° SSE0.45 (5.27)From col near (east of 894m) climb onto minor top
NN37684487216° SW0.8 (6.07)From the summit of a minor top on the northeast ridge climb onto munro
NN37304405292° WNW0.38 (6.45)The summit Beinn a'Chreachain - 1081 ( metres)
NN36954422276° W0.3 (6.75)Descend from Beinn a'Chreachain on stony slopes onto col
NN36654426285° WNW0.17 (6.92)From the col above Coire an Lochain climb short distance onto top
NN35814379223° SW0.28 (7.2)Beinn a'Chreachain - Meall Buidhe
NN35224341242° WSW0.39 (7.59)Follow path along 813m col between Beinn Achaladair and Meall Buidhe
NN34674324299° WNW0.18 (7.77)Climb onto munros summit then descend onto col between Beinn Achaladair and it's southern satellite
NN34524333223° SW0.46 (8.23)The summit Beinn Achaladair - 1038 ( metres)
NN34084238168° SSE0.33 (8.56)From Col ascend onto southern top
NN34144205172° S0.99 (9.55)Beinn Achaladair - South Top
NN34234107197° SSW0.23 (9.78)Descend the long easy southern ridge
NN33884060351° N0.7 (10.48)From the col at the head of Coire Daingean descend north
NN33454173318° NW1 (11.48)Head down by Allt Coire Achallader
NN32464329313° NW0.37 (11.85)Head by scarcely wooded area to bridge over Westhighland Railway
NN32204371347° NNW0.57 (12.42)Cross over railway and continue back down to Achallader farm
NN32204390174° S0 (12.42)Achallader farm
Munros covered on Beinn a’ Chreachain, Beinn Achaladair
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
61 1081 Beinn a'Chreachain Hill of the rocks Bine yuh Chrechen
94 1038 Beinn Achaladair Hill of the field by the hard water Bine Achullader