Beinn Alligin

Summary for Beinn Alligin

Beinn Alligin is a route in “The Torridon” region / range which is located in the Coulin and Torridon area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

This is a circular route

Sunrise 7:34 am
Sunset 5:36 pm
10 hours 1 minutes(s) daylight
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Tom na Gruagaich & Sgurr Mhor

10 km/ 6.21 miles1300 m/ 4265.09 ft6 hours +
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Of all the peaks in The Torridon region Tom na Gruagaich , Beinn Alligin - Sgurr Mhor are the easiest to climb and least threatening making it a fine first introduction to the pleasures of Torridonian hillwalking.

Start from the Car Park by The Abhainn Coire Mhic Nobuil and take the path to the west of the bridge which heads up a good path onto the hillside and up into the huge gully of Coire nan Laogh. Once up here head onto the summit of Tom na Gruagaich from here your now on the ridge. Head along the ridge northwards keeping to the path which is eroded a head for heights is needed but all difficulties can be avoided with some simple scambling. From the col between the peaks head onto the summit of Beinn Alligin - Sgurr Mhor passing around Eag Dhubh na h-Eigheachd (Deep Gash of the Wailing). From the summit it's on to the easy scrambling section over the 3 peaks know as the Horns of Alligin

To return descend steeply down An t-Sail Bheg's (last of the "Horns of Alligin" pinnacles) south south-western spur and join a stalkers path with returns to the car park A full traverse of the mountain is well within the bounds of a day's walk and offers some excellent ridge walking and splendid views of the area if you get a clear day as it's a pretty wet region.

This route is often done in reverse starting with the horns first.

Route points for Beinn Alligin

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NG86775762336° NNW0.85 (0.85)From Car-Park by The Abhainn Coire Mhic Nobuil cross road & take west side path
NG86475842N0.26 (1.11)After dampish start on moderate slopes, then a steep climb, the gradient eases once more
NG86225912304° NW0.49 (1.6)ConFrom Car-Park by Thetinue up leaving the damp ground onto stony ground
NG85835942345° NNW0.21 (1.81)Climbing up through Coir nan Laogh which is steep
NG8582599212° NNE0.22 (2.03)a cairn tells you that you are not far from the summit.
NG85886013317° NW0.08 (2.11)The summit Tom na Gruagaich - 922 ( metres)
NG8579602313° NNE0.07 (2.18)Descend steeply to Fasreidhnean Beinn Alligin
NG85816063351° N0.19 (2.37)Col North of Tom na Gruagaich (Fasreidhnean Beinn Alligin)
NG8579608140° NE0.25 (2.62)Ascend steeply Beinn Alligin Ridge eventually onto Sgurr Mhor summit
NG8642611854° NE0.31 (2.93)The summit Beinn Alligin - Sgurr Mhòr - 986 ( metres)
NG8668613597° E0.25 (3.18)Descend steeply from Sgurr Mhor
NG8707612771° ENE0.18 (3.36)Bealach between Na Rathanan and Sgurr Mhór
NG87246132131° SE0.18 (3.54)Na Rathan (866 metres)
NG87606105172° S0.12 (3.66)last of the "Horns of Alligin" pinnacles, An t-Sail Bheg
NG88156022183° S0.45 (4.11)Descend into Bealach a Chomhla which separates Beinn Alligin from Beinn Dearg
NG88155904198° SSW0.19 (4.3)Join main path which runs along the west side of Allt a' Bhealaich
NG88085887237° WSW0.35 (4.65)Footbridge crossing burn (Abhiann Coire Mhic Nobuil)
NG87365819225° SW0.6 (5.25)Pass Allt Toll a' Mhadaidh waterfall spills into Adhainn Coire Mhic Nobuil.
NG86915779192° SSW0.11 (5.36)Continue back to car park The Abhainn Coire Mhic Nobuil
NG86775762173° S0 (5.36)
Munros covered on Beinn Alligin
Order Heightsort icon Munro Meaning Pronunciation
268 922 Tom na Gruagaich Hill of the Damsel Tom na Grooyageech
162 986 Beinn Alligin - Sgurr Mhòr Big peak (Jewel hill) Skoor Voar