Driesh, Mayar from Glen Clova

Summary for Driesh, Mayar from Glen Clova

Driesh, Mayar from Glen Clova is a route in “The Glen Clova” region / range which is located in the Glen Shee to Mount Keen area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

This is a mainly circular route but there are parts where you need to retrace your footsteps

Sunrise 7:23 am
Sunset 5:28 pm
10 hours 4 minutes(s) daylight
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14 km/ 8.7 miles820 m/ 2690.29 ft6 hours +
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This route takes in the 2 munros Mayar & Driesh which are popular being in close proximity to The City of Dundee.

The route starts from the Forestry Commission car-park just past Braedownie farm heading west slightly to reach a bridge which leads onto the old hill path into Corrie Kilbo. This path climbs onto the plateau by The Shank of Drumfollow which forms the grass shoulder between Corrie Kilbo and Corrie Fee. From this col climb onto Mayar and return to this col. From this col head up following a fence to the east to reach the summit of Driesh.
To decend head north over scree then into Corrie Fee which leads back into Glendoll Forest on a path which eventually turns into a forest road crossing White Water and back to the Car Park.

This is a beautiful area with high corries and valleys notably Corrie Fee. Corrie Fee is part of the Corrie Fee Nature Reserve and is where you'll find many rare subarctic plants situated on high mountian ledges away from dear & sheep.

From the top of these hills you get excellent views across a large area including the Lochnagar Hills on the north, Glenshee to the west, and even out towards the North Sea on the east coast. From Mayar particularly on a clear day you can truly appreciate The Southern Cairngorms dominating the north from this peak.

Route points for Driesh, Mayar from Glen Clova

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NO28277613283° WNW0.52 (0.52)From the main car park head past the farm to cross White Water at the bridge.
NO27747611260° W0.35 (0.87)Follow the old path to Kilbo in Glen Prosen
NO27527598244° WSW0.21 (1.08)Follow path round and upto Burn of Kilbo
NO26837504258° WSW0.16 (1.24)Cross Burn of Kilbo
NO26467487220° SW0.36 (1.6)Head out of the forest at a deer fence
NO26237460209° SSW0.65 (2.25)Ascend along the steep Shank of Drumfollow path onto a col between Dreish & Mayar
NO25937379120° ESE0.41 (2.66)From the col climb easily onto the sumit and return back to this col
NO27027357266° W0.35 (3.01)The summit Driesh - 947 ( metres)
NO26667355271° W0.39 (3.4)Head back down to the col then uponto another
NO25147381272° W0.73 (4.13)From knoll (834m) climb onto summit following a line of fence posts. Then head north
NO2399737312° NNE0.74 (4.87)The summit Mayar - 928 ( metres)
NO2416744526° NNE0.28 (5.15)From north end of Mayar head over scree
NO2429747017° NNE0.22 (5.37)Head down into Glen Doll
NO2489750257° ENE0.48 (5.85)Pass through the Corrie Fee descending on the southern side of the burn
NO2530752775° ENE0.44 (6.29)After passing some small waterfalls head into Glendoll Forest
NO2656757542° NE0.38 (6.67)Head over Bridge over White Water, Glen Doll
NO2682760379° E0.25 (6.92)Head along the track which leads back to Car Park
NO27767626103° ESE0.52 (7.44)Back to Car Park
Munros covered on Driesh, Mayar from Glen Clova
Order Heightsort icon Munro Meaning Pronunciation
253 928 Mayar Obscure hill Mayar
219 947 Driesh Thorn bush Dreesh