Ben Alder, Beinn Bheoil

Summary for Ben Alder, Beinn Bheoil

Ben Alder, Beinn Bheoil is a route in “The Ben Alder” region / range which is located in the Loch Linnhe to Loch Ericht area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

This is a mainly circular route but there are parts where you need to retrace your footsteps

Sunrise 8:38 am
Sunset 4:20 pm
7 hours 42 minutes(s) daylight
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Ben Alder Circuit

23 km/ 14.29 miles1050 m/ 3444.88 ft8 Hours plus
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This is a long route probably more of an expedition with the start of this route is from just before Loch Pattack which is some 11km from Dalwhinnie so getting the start is a good trek so this is really a 2 dayer either camping or a night in Culra Bothy.

Just before Loch Pattack where the shed is take the path which leads across moorland onto eastern bank of All a' Chaiol-reidhe and past the bothy. Then continue uo and around northern flanks of Beinn Bheoil until you reach a burn flowing from Loch a'Bealach Beithe (7km from bothy). Cross burn and head towards "Long Leachas" ridge which can be climbed to give access to the summit of Ben Alder. From here head south and then south east around Garbh Coire onto Sron Bealach Beithe to descend through small crags to Bealach Breabag and then climb upto Sron Coire na h-lolaire from where the northern ridge leads to Beinn Bheoil's summit.

Descend along the northern ridge for a couple of km then descend back into Bhealaich Bheithe over grass covered scree to the north west to join the path leading back to Loch Pattack.

Ben Alder is one of the great remote mountains of Scotland and the transverse of the both peaks is a quite a days outing but boasts views towards Bridge of Orchy, Glen Lyon and Glen Lochay on the south. To the south west views over Loch Ossian, Glencoe & the Mamores. From Sron na h-Iolaire there is a excellent vie down the length of Loch Ericht.

Route points for Ben Alder, Beinn Bheoil

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NN54747868186° S0.21 (0.21)Head along the track that leads to Ben Alter
NN54117794231° SW0.29 (0.5)cross a footbridge on the track to Ben Alder
NN53357699213° SSW0.24 (0.74)Contine along track. Culra Bothy and Lodge should be in sight
NN52647646216° SW1.25 (1.99)head along the southeast bank of Allt a'Chaoil-reidhe passing Culra Bothy
NN51407490162° SSE0.67 (2.66)Climb uo and around northern flanks of Beinn Bheoil
NN51207383268° W0.69 (3.35)When reaching the burn flowing from Loch a'Bealach Beithe cross burn and head towards ridge
NN50517383227° SW0.46 (3.81)Climb up the northeastern ridge known as "Long Leachas". There is a little scambling required in places
NN49917278192° SSW0.19 (4)Pass the top of "The Short Leachas" onto a Col
NN49867259180° S0.28 (4.28)From Col an easy climb onto summt patea of Ben Alder then head ssw
NN49537183197° SSW0.41 (4.69)The summit Ben Alder - 1148 ( metres)
NN49397145156° SSE0.45 (5.14)From Lochan a' Garbh Choire continue around to col (1083m)
NN49557103134° SE0.38 (5.52)from Sron Bealach Beithe descend the convex slope avoiding rocky outcrops
NN50267048122° ESE0.4 (5.92)Descent onto Bealach Breabag and then climb upto Sron Coire na h-lolaire
NN51227043306° NW0.15 (6.07)Beinn Bheoil - Sron Coire na h-Iolaire
NN5107707217° NNE0.33 (6.4)Head along the northern ridge onto summit of Beinn Bheoil
NN5163717010° N0.53 (6.93)The summit Beinn Bheoil - 1019 ( metres)
NN51757223352° N0.33 (7.26)Decend alon nothern ridge of Beinn Bheoil
NN51727255332° NNW0.61 (7.87)From col descend into Bhealaich Bheithe over grass covered scree
NN5120738339° NE0.57 (8.44)Onto path leading from Loch a Bealach Beithe.
NN5140749020° NNE0.34 (8.78)Continue down past the bothy to startof route
Munros covered on Ben Alder, Beinn Bheoil
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
25 1148 Ben Alder Hill of rock and water Ben Alder
112 1019 Beinn Bheoil Hill of the mouth Bine Vee-awl