The Most Eastern Munro

Summary for The Most Eastern Munro

The Most Eastern Munro is a route in “The Glen Esk” region / range which is located in the Glen Shee to Mount Keen area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

On this route you return by same way

Sunrise 7:25 am
Sunset 5:24 pm
9 hours 59 minutes(s) daylight
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Mount Keen from Glen Esk

17 km/ 10.56 miles680 m/ 2230.97 ft6 hours
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Quite an easy route taking in Mount Keen which is the most easterly of the munros and a domed shaped solitary hill. This is the shortest and commonest route to it from Glen Esk and one saved if an easy day on the hills is required.

Start from the car park at Glen Esk head along the road until you come to a track with a sign to "The House of Mark, Glen Mark" which leads to the foot of Glen Mark, Angus. Continue up this track all the way along ignoring the track leading into Glas Coire on the right and after just over a km The Queen's Well will just be about visible and you should be able to see the path up Mount Keen faintly on the hills to the right in the background. Just after the Well take the fork on the right which leads past the former Gamekeeper's cottage which is now let out as holiday accommodation (Quite a remote place to stay). Continue up the track north which heads up to the eastern slopes of the Knowe of Crippley which eventually climbs up the southern slopes of Mount Kean and onto the summit.

Descend via the ascent route.

While on the summit keep an eye out for an Engraved stone by the path leading south from Mount Keen's summit. I've no idea what the letter represents. From the summit point on a clear day look down north into Glen TanarEast and to the east to Lochnagar - Cac Carn Beag  which is about 16 km (10miles) away as the crow flies.

Route points for The Most Eastern Munro

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NO44568035280° W0.23 (0.23)Start from the car park at Glen Esk and walk up the road.
NO44178063335° NNW0.12 (0.35)Along the road take the first right signposted Queens Well
NO43468124299° WNW0.65 (1)Ignore the right turning which leads to Glas Coire.
NO42908157313° NW0.37 (1.37)Cross bridge over Water of Mark
NO41998259329° NNW0.38 (1.75)After about 4km from the start pass Queens Well where Queen Vic apparantly drank from
NO41808292352° N0.35 (2.1)Take the right fork acending into Glen Mark passing a Former Gamekeeper's cottage
NO41268394317° NW0.26 (2.36)The path leaves the "Ladder Burn" and head up past "Know of Crippley" on the west
NO4043852128° NNE0.16 (2.52)Cairn marks where the path splits. Take the right fork directly onto the summit of Mount Keen.
NO40788645N0.45 (2.97)Last climb onto the summit point return by ascent route
NO40818690182° S0.45 (3.42)The summit Mount Keen - 939 ( metres)
Munros covered on The Most Eastern Munro
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
235 939 Mount Keen Gentle hill Mount Keen