Ben Cruachan and Stob Diamh

Summary for Ben Cruachan and Stob Diamh

Ben Cruachan and Stob Diamh is a route in “The ” region / range which is located in the area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

This is a circular route

Sunrise 8:48 am
Sunset 3:38 pm
6 hours 50 minutes(s) daylight
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Route points for Ben Cruachan and Stob Diamh

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NN0779268312° NNE0.11 (0.11)Head under railway line and up through the native woodland.
NN07972774324° NW0.22 (0.33)Continue up heading towards the western end of the dam
NN07852792329° NNW0.26 (0.59)Headup the ladder onto the dam at its western side
NN07732815304° NW0.53 (1.12)Climb north westerly aiming for southern ridge of Meall Cuanail
NN07022889346° NNW0.66 (1.78)Climb southern ridge of Cuanail on to summit then decend 70m onto col
NN06902954352° N0.22 (2)Ben Cruachan - Meall Cuanail
NN06882977357° N0.42 (2.42)From col head onto southern ridge of Ben Cruachan
NN06883019358° N0.27 (2.69)Climb over granite boulders where path leads to summit cairn
NN0688304666° ENE0.2 (2.89)The summit Ben Cruachan - 1126 ( metres)
NN07073053108° ESE0.31 (3.2)Head along the eastern ridge to col which is the lowpoint before Drochaid Ghlas
NN0766303666° ENE0.28 (3.48)From col around 950m climb onto top Drochaid Ghlas
NN08253075118° ESE0.28 (3.76)Ben Cruachan - Drochaid Ghlas
NN0850306178° ENE0.32 (4.08)Drop to col along eastern ridge
NN0882306668° ENE0.4 (4.48)From col at around 850m climb onto summit Stop Diamh & south onto top Stob Garbh
NN0920307974° ENE0.21 (4.69)Crags
NN09403083169° S0.61 (5.3)The summit Stob Diamh - 998 ( metres)
NN09483023152° SSE0.33 (5.63)Stob Diamh - Stob Garbh
NN09622994199° SSW0.51 (6.14)Descent is via south western shoulder
NN09432947177° S0.62 (6.76)Drop to a col between Stob Garbh & Beinn a'Bhùiridh
NN09432884248° WSW0.54 (7.3)From col (Lairig Torran 729) descend steeply
NN08922866221° SW0.96 (8.26)Aim for the track at south east side of Cruachan Resivoir
NN08252797201° SSW0.37 (8.63)Continue along track which becomes a path
NN07972774173° S0.41 (9.04)Follow the path back down to the bridge where route started
NN07792683173° S0 (9.04)Back to start
Munros covered on Ben Cruachan and Stob Diamh
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
31 1126 Ben Cruachan Stacked hill Ben Krooerchan
143 998 Stob Diamh Peak of the stag Stob Dive