Summary for Atholl

Atholl is an region in Scotand and is located in the area as defined by SMC. There are 2 munros around here.The highest munro is Beinn Dearg [Blair Atholl] at a height of 1008 metres .The smallest munro is Carn a'Chlamhain at a height of 963 metres .

Access: Best from A9 road via Blair Atholl. For permission to drive up the private road upto the Forest Lodge in Glen Tilt apply at Atholl Estate Office.
Transport: Rail:Trains from Perth - Inverness stopping at Dunkeild, Pitlochry & Blair Atholl. Bus:Perth - Inverness on the A9
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Details for: Atholl

Atholl estate at Blair Castle owns this region which extends beyond Glen Bruar and Glen Tilt to the north and to Dunkeld and Birnam to the south covering approx 582 square km.

The estate hosts "Atholl Highlanders" which is Europe's, only legal private army which has a shooting range which can restrict access to these hills during certain weekends. See the site for details of the weekends planned.

Picture Munro Date Bagged
esbcs27's picture
Carn a'Chlamhain Thu 11 Jul 2013
esbcs27's picture
Beinn Dearg [Blair Atholl] Thu 11 Jul 2013
spacemole's picture
Carn a'Chlamhain Mon 10 Dec 2012
soc079's picture
Beinn Dearg [Blair Atholl] Tue 27 Mar 2012
soc079's picture
Carn a'Chlamhain Tue 27 Mar 2012
Brian's picture
Carn a'Chlamhain Wed 21 Sep 2011
billmyl's picture
Carn a'Chlamhain Fri 26 Aug 2011
billmyl's picture
Beinn Dearg [Blair Atholl] Fri 26 Aug 2011
Milimut's picture
Beinn Dearg [Blair Atholl] Mon 15 Aug 2011
taddycath's picture
Beinn Dearg [Blair Atholl] Sun 14 Aug 2011
stu's picture
Carn a'Chlamhain Thu 12 May 2011
stu's picture
Beinn Dearg [Blair Atholl] Thu 12 May 2011
alan's picture
Beinn Dearg [Blair Atholl] Mon 02 May 2011
taddycath's picture
Carn a'Chlamhain Fri 22 Apr 2011