Glen Lochay

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Glen Lochay is an region in Scotand and is located in the area as defined by SMC. There are 6 munros around here.The highest munro is Beinn Heasgarnich at a height of 1078 metres .The smallest munro is Sgiath Chuil at a height of 921 metres .

Access: It can be via a private road running up the Glen for which access is currently allowed. The road has a number of interesting potholes so be wary.
Transport: Bus: Glasgow - Crainlarich & Tyndrum (daily), Stirling - Callander & Killin (mon - sat) Train: Glasgow - Crainlarich & Tyndrum
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  • Ben Challum

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    Did this walk on Saturday , weather was fine with five friends . I thought that it was a pretty straight forward climb . After going through the farm we followed the fence line almost to the top , just a bit boggy in places ,I thoroughly enjoyed the walk .We didn't get much of a view as the cloud was closing in when we were at the summit<

    Posted by puck, 7 years 34 weeks ago

Details for: Glen Lochay

Glen Lochay is about 20 miles long, running from a point north of Crianlarich to Loch Tay.

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Order Heightsort icon Munro Grid Point
62 1,078 Beinn Heasgarnich NN413383
84 1,047 Creag Mhor NN391361
93 1,039 Meall Ghaordaidh NN514397
106 1,025 Ben Challum NN386322
199 959 Meall Glas NN431321
269 921 Sgiath Chuil NN462317