Am Faochagach, Cona’ Mheall

Summary for Am Faochagach, Cona’ Mheall

Am Faochagach, Cona’ Mheall is a route in “The Straithvaich” region / range which is located in the Loch Broom to Easter Ross area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

This is a circular route

Sunrise 8:45 am
Sunset 4:17 pm
7 hours 32 minutes(s) daylight
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20 km/ 12.43 miles1300 m/ 4265.09 ft8 hours plus
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This route lives up to it's reputation for being extremely wet, and the crossing of Abhainn a' Gharbhrain is nearly impossible for much of the year. The route starts from the bridge over the Abhainn an Torrain Duibh over trackless ground which is nomally wet underfoot. Then over the river if possible where difficulties are left behind with a straightforward ascent onto the grassy southern slopes of Am Faochagach.

Route points for Am Faochagach, Cona’ Mheall

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NH2759743530° NNE0.46 (0.46)Start from the north-west end of Loch Glascarnoch start from the bridge over Abhain an Torrain Duibh
NH27847475N0.68 (1.14)Head along boggy ground
NH2798754157° ENE0.18 (1.32)Once Crossing the river continue along the south of Loch a' Gharbhrain along the river
NH2888760536° NE0.46 (1.78)
NH30307698337° NNW1.14 (2.92)Now continue along a stony ridge
NH29907805348° NNW0.44 (3.36)South western slopes of Am Faochagach
NH2983784825° NNE0.36 (3.72)From col climb onto south shoulder of Am Faochagach
NH3000788029° NNE0.64 (4.36)Climb onto the summit point of Am Faochagach
NH303793309° NW0.7 (5.06)The summit Am Faochagach - 953 ( metres)
NH29748006348° NNW0.65 (5.71)From Meallian Ban descend to the south of the beautiful Loch Prille
NH28698150N0.1 (5.81)From the south side Loch Prille climb upto Cona' Mheall
NH27808172254° WSW0.36 (6.17)Climb onto the summit of Cona' Mheall then descend along the southern ridge
NH274816209° SSW0.56 (6.73)The summit Cona' Mheall - 978 ( metres)
NH27158116155° SSE0.18 (6.91)Head along the southern ridge
NH27458072154° SSE0.93 (7.84)Descend from the sothern end of the ridge
NH27827986171° S0.9 (8.74)Descend on the western side of Loch Coire Lair
NH27857722193° SSW0.74 (9.48)Continue over rough ground
NH27657650198° SSW0.46 (9.94)Cross the Abhainn a' Gharbhrain
NH27497608167° SSE0.11 (10.05)
NH27197531229° SW0.29 (10.34)From a col Return to the road
NH26967513174° S0.45 (10.79)
NH26987468115° ESE0.69 (11.48)Finish of route
Munros covered on Am Faochagach, Cona’ Mheall
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
176 978 Cona' Mheall Adjoining hill Kon-eye-val
210 953 Am Faochagach The heathery place am foechakach