Beinn Dearg & Cona’ Mheall

Summary for Beinn Dearg & Cona’ Mheall

Beinn Dearg & Cona’ Mheall is a route in “The Deargs” region / range which is located in the Loch Broom to Easter Ross area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

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Sunrise 8:50 am
Sunset 4:10 pm
7 hours 20 minutes(s) daylight
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The Deargs from the South

19 km/ 11.81 miles1190 m/ 3904.2 ft8 hours plus
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This route covers Beinne Dearg which is the highest munro in The Deargs, and Cona' Mheall which is the munro across on the east divided by the specacular Coire Ghranda. The approach from the south is rough and long from the A835 road by the eastern end of Loch Droma up the Beinne Dearg's ridge. From there descend to bealach between the 2 munros then climb Cona' Mheall and descend it's southern ridge down and head back to Loch a' Gharbhrain.

Route points for Beinn Dearg & Cona’ Mheall

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NH27597435295° WNW0.69 (0.69)Start from the A835 near the south-east end of Loch Droma head along the roadside a little while
NH26987468354° N0.45 (1.14)Head north over rough ground to join an old path
NH2696751349° NE0.29 (1.43)The old path continues over a low ridge
NH2719753161° ENE0.26 (1.69)From col drop to grassy meadow
NH2749760818° NNE0.46 (2.15)Continue along path
NH27657650318° NW0.96 (3.11)Cross the Allt a' Gharbhrain which is difficult or impossible in spate
NH26807777335° NNW0.58 (3.69)Continue up out of the glen aiming for the south ridge avoiding many slabby outcrops
NH26907885315° NW0.85 (4.54)At the south end of Loch Eilean ascend an open grassy gully on the north-west
NH2633794932° NNE0.53 (5.07)
NH26637992338° NNW0.53 (5.6)From the knoll marked 885 continue along the top of the Ghranda cliffs
NH26228109279° W0.28 (5.88)Continue onto the summit of Beinn Dearg
NH25981112° NNE0.53 (6.41)The summit Beinn Dearg [Ullapool] - 1084 ( metres)
NH2608816666° ENE0.36 (6.77)Descend steeply to point 886 on map
NH2642818096° E0.39 (7.16)View Coire Ghranda from the plateau and head onto col
NH2681817395° E0.64 (7.8)Climb onto the summit point of Cona' Mheall
NH274816209° SSW0.56 (8.36)The summit Cona' Mheall - 978 ( metres)
NH27158116155° SSE0.18 (8.54)
NH27458072154° SSE0.93 (9.47)From the knoll at the southern end of Cona' Mheall descend down
NH27827986171° S0.9 (10.37)Continue descending
NH27927897177° S0.99 (11.36)Continue on the west side of Loch Coire Lair (just over 1km in length)
NH27857722193° SSW0.74 (12.1)Head down to Loch a' Gharbhrain and return by incomming route
Munros covered on Beinn Dearg & Cona’ Mheall
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
57 1084 Beinn Dearg [Ullapool] Red hill byn dyerak
176 978 Cona' Mheall Adjoining hill Kon-eye-val