Beinn Dearg & Cona’ Mheall

Summary for Beinn Dearg & Cona’ Mheall

Beinn Dearg & Cona’ Mheall is a route in “The ” region / range which is located in the area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

On this route you return by same way

Sunrise 5:03 am
Sunset 9:49 pm
16 hours 46 minutes(s) daylight
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The Deargs from the South

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Route points for Beinn Dearg & Cona’ Mheall

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NH27597435295° WNW0.69 (0.69)Start from the A835 near the south-east end of Loch Droma head along the roadside a little while
NH26987468354° N0.45 (1.14)Head north over rough ground to join an old path
NH2696751349° NE0.29 (1.43)The old path continues over a low ridge
NH2719753161° ENE0.26 (1.69)From col drop to grassy meadow
NH2749760818° NNE0.46 (2.15)Continue along path
NH27657650318° NW0.96 (3.11)Cross the Allt a' Gharbhrain which is difficult or impossible in spate
NH26807777335° NNW0.58 (3.69)Continue up out of the glen aiming for the south ridge avoiding many slabby outcrops
NH26907885315° NW0.85 (4.54)At the south end of Loch Eilean ascend an open grassy gully on the north-west
NH2633794932° NNE0.53 (5.07)
NH26637992338° NNW0.53 (5.6)From the knoll marked 885 continue along the top of the Ghranda cliffs
NH26228109279° W0.28 (5.88)Continue onto the summit of Beinn Dearg
NH25981112° NNE0.53 (6.41)The summit Beinn Dearg [Ullapool] - 1084 ( metres)
NH2608816666° ENE0.36 (6.77)Descend steeply to point 886 on map
NH2642818096° E0.39 (7.16)View Coire Ghranda from the plateau and head onto col
NH2681817395° E0.64 (7.8)Climb onto the summit point of Cona' Mheall
NH274816209° SSW0.56 (8.36)The summit Cona' Mheall - 978 ( metres)
NH27158116155° SSE0.18 (8.54)
NH27458072154° SSE0.93 (9.47)From the knoll at the southern end of Cona' Mheall descend down
NH27827986171° S0.9 (10.37)Continue descending
NH27927897177° S0.99 (11.36)Continue on the west side of Loch Coire Lair (just over 1km in length)
NH27857722193° SSW0.74 (12.1)Head down to Loch a' Gharbhrain and return by incomming route
Munros covered on Beinn Dearg & Cona’ Mheall
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
57 1084 Beinn Dearg [Ullapool] Red hill byn dyerak
176 978 Cona' Mheall Adjoining hill Kon-eye-val