Beinn Eibhinn & Aonach Beag

Summary for Beinn Eibhinn & Aonach Beag

Beinn Eibhinn & Aonach Beag is a route in “The Loch Ossian” region / range which is located in the Loch Linnhe to Loch Ericht area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

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Sunrise 8:40 am
Sunset 4:19 pm
7 hours 39 minutes(s) daylight
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22 km/ 13.67 miles910 m/ 2985.56 ft8 Hours plus
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The route covers 2 munros which lie between Loch Laggin and Loch Ericht, and between Ben Alder and Ardverkie munros which is a wild and remote area of the central Highlands indeed. It's a long demanding route with a long approach along the south of Loch Ossain you do however start at around the 400 metre mark.

On a clear day there is good views over to Ben Alder on the south east.
It should be possible to this route easily between the first and last trains from Corrour Station. If not there's Loch Ossain Hostel.

Route points for Beinn Eibhinn & Aonach Beag

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NN3551663962° ENE0.91 (0.91)Leave Corrour Station and follow good track
NN3710669266° ENE1.5 (2.41)Head along the south of Loch Ossian for about 5km
NN3873674466° ENE0.93 (3.34)Head through sparsely wooded area
NN41236942346° NNW0.21 (3.55)Keep on the main track
NN4119696219° NNE0.19 (3.74)Cross a substantial bridge over the River Ossian near the Corrour Shooting Lodge
NN4173701683° E0.68 (4.42)Cross bridge over Uisge Labhair
NN4280704326° NNE1.2 (5.62)Continue on fain path beside Uisge Labhair and start ascending upto Creagan na Craoibhe
NN4337714923° NNE0.74 (6.36)
NN43697216353° N0.59 (6.95)climb onto Boulder-strewn summit of Meall Glas Choire
NN436727356° N0.25 (7.2)Beinn Eibhinn - Meall Glas Choire
NN4364729915° NNE0.4 (7.6)From col climb onto crest
NN4376733868° ENE0.39 (7.99)Head along to the summit of Beinn Eibhinn with it's cairn close to the steep drop into the coire.
NN449733142° SE0.11 (8.1)The summit Beinn Eibhinn - 1102 ( metres)
NN4501732655° NE0.3 (8.4)Decend to col along little ridge
NN4545737131° NNE0.52 (8.92)From this col asend onto Aonach Beag & return to this point to descend to the south
NN457741211° SSW0.52 (9.44)The summit Aonach Beag (Ossain) - 1116 ( metres)
NN45757353150° SSE0.58 (10.02)Desend around the eastern flank of Beinn Eibhinn
NN46067245218° SW0.43 (10.45)Contiune down to rejoin Path beside Uisge Labhair
NN45477179235° SW0.6 (11.05)Continue back along path
NN41737016174° S7.25 (18.3)Go back along incoming route
Munros covered on Beinn Eibhinn & Aonach Beag
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
37 1116 Aonach Beag (Ossain) Little ridge Ernoch Bake
48 1102 Beinn Eibhinn Delightful hill Bine Eh-veen