Beinn Sgulaird

Summary for Beinn Sgulaird

Beinn Sgulaird is a route in “The Appin” region / range which is located in the Strath Orchy to Loch Leven area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

On this route you return by same way

Sunrise 7:31 am
Sunset 5:37 pm
10 hours 6 minutes(s) daylight
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12 km/ 7.46 miles1100 m/ 3608.92 ft5 hours plus
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Beinn Sgulaird is a fairly solitary hill on the east of Glen Creran and this moderate climb on grassy slopes leading to rocky top as described here make a fine day's outing on the hills.

Route points for Beinn Sgulaird

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NN00854504178° S0.2 (0.2)Follow the first track which leads through the trees.
NN00844886° E0.2 (0.4)Contiunue through the trees
NN01044879° E1.41 (1.81)Continue up the southeastern end of Sgulaird's long ridge
NN0245450495° E1.85 (3.66)From Point 488 where there is a 40metre drop. Climb onto the next hill marked 863 metre.
NN0429447927° NNE0.28 (3.94)From the hill marked with a cairn Drop northeast to a col. Going is steep and loses about 70 metres
NN0443450344° NE0.36 (4.3)From the col climb onto another top marked 848 metre.
NN0469452864° ENE0.18 (4.48)From this top there is another steep sharp drop down a scree filled gully
NN0486453431° NNE0.85 (5.33)Once on the col it's a straight foward climb to the summit. Return same way
NN053460173° S4.59 (9.92)The summit Beinn Sgulaird - 937 ( metres)
Munros covered on Beinn Sgulaird
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
237 937 Beinn Sgulaird Hat shaped hill Bine Skoolarge