Ben More (Isle of Mull)

Summary for Ben More (Isle of Mull)

Ben More (Isle of Mull) is a route in “The ” region / range which is located in the area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

This is a route between two seperate points

Sunrise 8:41 am
Sunset 4:30 pm
7 hours 49 minutes(s) daylight
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The Highest Peak on Mull

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Route points for Ben More (Isle of Mull)

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NM50643677143° SE0.54 (0.54)From the bridge at the outlet of Abhainn na h-Umha head up the side of a burn
NM51563579137° SE0.56 (1.1)Pass the waterfall and follow river into Gleann na Beinne Fada
NM53673447176° S0.33 (1.43)From the col climb south over stony ground rocky
NM53673414183° S0.27 (1.7)The ridge has small sections of easy scambling which cause no real difficulty
NM53413330256° WSW0.33 (2.03)From the cairn marking A' Chioch summit descend steeply onto col
NM52983321249° WSW0.13 (2.16)From the col climb up onto the ridge
NM52863317232° SW0.24 (2.4)Head along on the ridge to the summit of Ben More the highest peak on Mull
NM52593301305° NW0.06 (2.46)The final stretch to the summit point
NM525330298° WNW0.28 (2.74)The summit Ben More (Isle of Mull) - 966 ( metres)
NM52313319284° WNW0.18 (2.92)Descend easily via the north-western ridge on the cairned path which leads most of the way down
NM49803528296° WNW0.15 (3.07)Continue down and rejoin the B8035 Road
NM4929359077° ENE0.26 (3.33)
NM5035363350° NE0.17 (3.5)Pass Milepost on south shore of Loch Na Keal
Munros covered on Ben More (Isle of Mull)
Order Heightsort icon Munro Meaning Pronunciation
189 966 Ben More (Isle of Mull) Big Mountain Byn Moar