Bidean nam Bian

Summary for Bidean nam Bian

Bidean nam Bian is a route in “The Glen Coe” region / range which is located in the Strath Orchy to Loch Leven area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

This is a circular route

Sunrise 7:27 am
Sunset 5:38 pm
10 hours 10 minutes(s) daylight
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11 km/ 6.84 miles1350 m/ 4429.13 ft5 hours
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Bidean nam Bian is the highest mountain in this region and sits on range of mountains on the south side of Glen Coe.

Route points for Bidean nam Bian

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NN16955685218° SW0.68 (0.68)From the car park drop down to the wooden bridge that crosses the river coe
NN16505634221° SW1.44 (2.12)Climb steeply into the steep-sided Coire nan Lochan
NN15505530177° S0.28 (2.4)Climb the eastern ridge
NN15505502252° WSW0.67 (3.07)Crest of the Ridge. Higher up becomes rocky & boudery.
NN148548206° SSW0.51 (3.58)Bidean nam Bian - Stob Coire nan Lochan
NN143542142° SE0.35 (3.93)The summit Bidean nam Bian - 1150 ( metres)
NN14555396114° ESE0.61 (4.54)Follow the ridge which becomes broad & grassy continuing to the next Munro
NN154536245° WSW0.08 (4.62)The summit Stob Coire Sgreamhach - 1072 ( metres)
NN15375362278° W0.28 (4.9)Head back along the ridge
NN15095368282° WNW0.1 (5)It's essential to locate the corrent point of descent marked by a small cairn. All other gullies down are dangerous
NN1499537020° NNE0.31 (5.31)Descend steeply
NN1511539941° NE1.59 (6.9)
NN1622551347° NE0.66 (7.56)Descend down into woodland regeneration
NN17025683174° S0.07 (7.63)
Munros covered on Bidean nam Bian
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
23 1150 Bidean nam Bian Pinnacle of the hills Beed-yan nam Ee-yann
65 1072 Stob Coire Sgreamhach Peak of the Fearfull Corrie Stob Korrer Skrevuch