Bynack More and Cairn Gorm

Summary for Bynack More and Cairn Gorm

Bynack More and Cairn Gorm is a route in “The Coylumbridge” region / range which is located in the The Cairngorms area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

This is a circular route

Sunrise 7:26 am
Sunset 5:29 pm
10 hours 3 minutes(s) daylight
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15 km/ 9.32 miles1320 m/ 4330.71 ft6 hours plus
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A more interesting route than just climbing the northern corries of Carn Gorm which is littered with ski tows, tracks, car parks etc is to climb from the south or east, this is possible when combined with the ascent of Bynack More as described here. Starts from car park at Coire na Ciste on Cairngorm, at 550 metres altitude head 2km eaterly past small tree plantations over col into Strath Nethy, up onto Bynack More by it's northwesterly ridge.

There are excellent views from both summit points and "The Saddle" is a good viewpoint above Loch Avon.

Route points for Bynack More and Cairn Gorm

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NH9970074064° ENE1.74 (1.74)Start from lower car park head across rough heather moorland
NJ01300810100° E0.51 (2.25)Just south of Point 737 drop down into Strath Nethy
NJ0180080067° ENE0.83 (3.08)Cross the Garbh Allt. It flows into 2 seperate streams, both are easy to cross
NJ02580829143° SE2.04 (5.12)Ascend upto Bynack Beg over thick heather eventually leading to sandy path
NJ03750662123° ESE0.48 (5.6)Climb over bouldery ground onto rocky summit where is near the southern end. From here contiune south past series of granite tors
NJ041063174° S0.75 (6.35)The summit Bynack More - 1090 ( metres)
NJ04200560251° WSW0.31 (6.66)After the "Barns of Bynack" head for a rather wet col
NJ03900550223° SW0.97 (7.63)From the col head over A'Choinneach
NJ03210482193° SSW0.43 (8.06)from A'Choinneach drop down to reach the Saddle
NJ01840331266° W0.34 (8.4)The Saddle give a commanding perspective of the Carngorm massif & munros summits across Loch Avon.
NJ01500330306° NW1.21 (9.61)From "The Saddle" follow parh past steep slabs, once cleared head west onto summit marked with cairn & weather center
NJ005040263° W0.63 (10.24)The summit Cairn Gorm - 1244 ( metres)
NH99910399312° NW0.29 (10.53)Fiacaille a'Choire Chais
NH99700420334° NNW1.97 (12.5)Head down to the Ski Centre
NH98900600346° NNW0.92 (13.42)Finish at Ski Centre follow road back to lower car park
Munros covered on Bynack More and Cairn Gorm
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
6 1244 Cairn Gorm Blue cairn like peak Cairn Gorm
54 1090 Bynack More Big cap Binnack More