Cairn of Claise & Glas Maol Circuit

Summary for Cairn of Claise & Glas Maol Circuit

Cairn of Claise & Glas Maol Circuit is a route in “The ” region / range which is located in the area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

This is a route between two seperate points

Sunrise 5:02 am
Sunset 9:37 pm
16 hours 35 minutes(s) daylight
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Route points for Cairn of Claise & Glas Maol Circuit

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NO13967567137° SE0.43 (0.43)From the lay-by descend to the Allt a' Ghlinne Bhig
NO142753178° S0.8 (1.23)proceed along the north side of the burn that flows down from Creag Leacach. Head up to the col between Meall Gorm & Creag Leacach
NO142745118° ESE0.81 (2.04)Head up to the southern end of Creag Leach
NO14974150° NE0.64 (2.68)From point 943 continue on to the summit of Creag Leacach. Continuing along beside the wall
NO15474521° NNE1.44 (4.12)The summit Creag Leacach - 987 ( metres)
NO1601758746° NE1 (5.12)From the cairn at the end of the wall change direction climbing the grassy slopes of Glas Maol
NO16776520° NNE0.53 (5.65)The summit Glas Maol - 1068 ( metres)
NO169770347° NNW0.51 (6.16)From the northern slope of Glas Maol pick up old drovers track
NO18078238° NE0.78 (6.94)Pass the small lochan and climb the stone slopes to the summit of Cairn of Claise
NO18578878° ENE1.72 (8.66)The summit Cairn of Claise - 1064 ( metres)
NO202791108° ESE1.17 (9.83)Skirt Ca Whims and climb summit of Tom Buidhe
NO213787345° NNW1.33 (11.16)The summit Tom Buidhe - 957 ( metres)
NO210800219° SW0.78 (11.94)The summit Tolmount - 958 ( metres)
NO20547945290° WNW2.93 (14.87)
NO17818054254° WSW0.38 (15.25)Pass the cairn onto the sumit a few hunred metres away
NO174804N0.34 (15.59)The summit Carn an Tuirc - 1019 ( metres)
NO17518078300° WNW0.31 (15.9)Don't decend before reaching this point
NO172809242° WSW1.34 (17.24)Pass the ruined hut and follow the path to the car park
NO14758000207° SSW1.18 (18.42)Head back to the other carpark
Munros covered on Cairn of Claise & Glas Maol Circuit
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
69 1068 Glas Maol Grey-green hill Glaz Merle
71 1064 Cairn of Claise Cairn like peak of the grassy hollow Karn uh Clash
113 1019 Carn an Tuirc Cairn like peak of the wild boar Karn ern Toork
159 987 Creag Leacach Slabby crag Krayk Lairkoch
202 958 Tolmount Valley hill Tolmount
204 957 Tom Buidhe Yellow hill Tom Booyer