Geal Charn & Carn Dearg

Summary for Geal Charn & Carn Dearg

Geal Charn & Carn Dearg is a route in “The ” region / range which is located in the area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

This is a mainly circular route but there are parts where you need to retrace your footsteps

Sunrise 5:01 am
Sunset 9:45 pm
16 hours 43 minutes(s) daylight
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Route points for Geal Charn & Carn Dearg

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NN633846232° SW0.86 (0.86)Start from Dalwhinnie
NN626841241° WSW1.12 (1.98)Pass sheilding on the left continue along track
NN616836218° SW3.68 (5.66)Pass An Tochailt on the left continue along track
NN575791244° WSW1.74 (7.4)Pass the Ben Alder Lodge
NN54487889216° SW3.61 (11.01)Continue along the track around Loch Pattack shores
NN522760241° WSW3.79 (14.8)Contunue past Culra Lodge and follow along the northwest bank of the Alt a'Bhealaich Dhuibh until you're underneath the first crags of Sgor Lutharn
NN488743255° WSW0.05 (14.85)Climb steeply up grass & heather until reach crest of "Lancet Edge" easy scambling required & feeling of exposure on both sides
NN48807433271° W0.91 (15.76)Lancet Edge. Scambling required to get here. Pass small summit cairn and descend onto col
NN47897439283° WNW0.98 (16.74)From col climb up scree splatterd slope to summit of Geal Charn. Then continue about 1km to safe way down
NN46974665° ENE1.13 (17.87)The summit Geal-Charn (Alder region) - 1132 ( metres)
NN4799750734° NE0.83 (18.7)Safe descent winds steeply down to col. If you find yourself looking for handholds on steep rock you're on the wrong place.
NN4849757467° ENE2.07 (20.77)Continue onto summit of Carn Dearg then continue down
NN50476459° ENE1.03 (21.8)The summit Carn Dearg (Alder region) - 1034 ( metres)
NN5135769460° ENE0.67 (22.47)Continue along down to point 827 marked on the map
NN51977243° NE1.69 (24.16)Head down over easy grass and heather to the north-east
NN53878558° ENE0.8 (24.96)Cross the Bridge
NN545789174° S10.46 (35.42)Continue back from the way you came
Munros covered on Geal Charn & Carn Dearg
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
26 1132 Geal-Charn (Alder region) White Peak Geeya Karn
98 1034 Carn Dearg (Alder region) Red cairn like peak Karn Jerrack