Glen Lyon Horseshoe

Summary for Glen Lyon Horseshoe

Glen Lyon Horseshoe is a route in “The ” region / range which is located in the area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

This is a circular route

Sunrise 5:00 am
Sunset 9:45 pm
16 hours 45 minutes(s) daylight
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Carn Gorm, Meall Garbh, Carn Mairg & Meall na Aighean

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Route points for Glen Lyon Horseshoe

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NN665482344° NNW0.82 (0.82)Start from Invervar, taking the track leading north through the forest.
NN663490319° NW0.64 (1.46)Continue up along the path passing through a couple of gates
NN659495234° SW0.4 (1.86)Cross Invervar burn and follow narrow path along north edge of forest
NN65614932287° WNW2.18 (4.04)Head up the rising moorland onto the southeastern ridge and onto the summit
NN63550027° NNE1.03 (5.07)The summit Carn Gorm - 1029 ( metres)
NN64050939° NE1.06 (6.13)From An Sgorr head for Meal Garbh which is marked by a line of old fence posts
NN64751791° E0.41 (6.54)The summit Meall Garbh - 968 ( metres)
NN6516517283° E1.5 (8.04)Following old fence posts past Small Lochan
NN66665185147° SSE0.36 (8.4)Continue past the Cairn and onto the top Meall a' Bharr
NN66851578° ENE0.52 (8.92)From the long summit ridge of Meall a' Bharr dropping to a little col below the north top of Carn Mairg
NN6736516372° ENE0.6 (9.52)Continue past the Cairn
NN67945179135° SE0.74 (10.26)Continue onto the summit then drop east over bouldery scree onto col
NN68451285° E0.27 (10.53)The summit Carn Mairg - 1041 ( metres)
NN68725126164° SSE0.9 (11.43)From the col head for the summit ridge
NN68935038143° SE0.9 (12.33)Head for the summit of Meall na Aigean
NN694496271° W1.57 (13.9)The summit Meall na Aighean - 981 ( metres)
NN67874974224° SW1.14 (15.04)Continue down the broad ridge with care as in mist it is indistinct
NN670489241° WSW0.67 (15.71)Head down to rejoin the path along the Invervar Burn
NN664486164° SSE0.42 (16.13)Continue down to the road & car park
Munros covered on Glen Lyon Horseshoe
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
91 1041 Carn Mairg Cairn shaped peak of sorrow Kaarm Mairg
103 1029 Carn Gorm Blue cairn shaped hill Kaarn Gorom
169 981 Meall na Aighean Hill of the hinds Miaowl nun ion
186 968 Meall Garbh Rounded rough hill Myowl Garv