Meall Glas & Sgiath Chuil

Summary for Meall Glas & Sgiath Chuil

Meall Glas & Sgiath Chuil is a route in “The Glen Lochay” region / range which is located in the Loch Tay to Loch Rannoch area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

This is a circular route

Sunrise 8:53 am
Sunset 3:34 pm
6 hours 41 minutes(s) daylight
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18 km/ 11.18 miles1220 m/ 4002.62 ft6 hours plus
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Relatively long route over 2 munros Meall Glas and Sgiath Chuil situated between Glen Dochart and Glen Lochay.

Start form the private road up to Auchessain passing the farm and along a track for a short distance then on rough heathery moorland on the southern flanks passing Creag nan Uan on the west. Cross the Allt Glass and head to the Allt Coire nam Moine which leads upto the crest of Meall Glas where the summit is reached to the west. From here follow the ridge to the east which leads past a cairn (908) then onto Beinn Cheathaich (937m) from where a steep descent is made onto a wide col "Lairig a'Churain (609)" from where a further steep ascent over grassy slopes can be made onto Sgiath Chuil.

Descent is made across moorland bearing southwest to the west of Sgiath Chrom then down to join Allt Riobain which can be crossed then return by ascent route.

Good views to be had of

Route points for Meall Glas & Sgiath Chuil

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NN44702756295° WNW0.1 (0.1)Head down the private road & cross the River Dochart onto Auchessan
NN4456278113° NNE0.19 (0.29)Take the track behind the house on the eastern side of the stream
NN4454281910° N0.18 (0.47)Head steeply up over rough moorland aiming for col to the east of Meall Glas
NN44193062330° NNW1.32 (1.79)At a stream change bearing.
NN43583179299° WNW0.48 (2.27)Continue steeply
NN43173204345° NNW0.11 (2.38)Continue on easy grassy slope onto summit of Meall Glass. Then head easterly to a col
NN43132171° ENE0.59 (2.97)The summit Meall Glas - 959 ( metres)
NN43713232102° ESE0.35 (3.32)From col between Meall Glass - Beinn Cheatchaich head on up onto a crest
NN4405322341° NE0.58 (3.9)Pass a cairn and climb the minor top Beinn Cheathaich. Then head along the ridge northwards
NN444326321° NW0.26 (4.16)Meall Glas - Beinn Cheathaich
NN44293285116° ESE0.86 (5.02)Descend to a bealach between Beinn Cheathaich - Meall a' Churain
NN4505324383° E1.3 (6.32)From bealach climb onto satalite top of Sgaith Chuil
NN463325185° S0.8 (7.12)Sgiath Chuil - Meall a'Churain
NN462317187° S0.38 (7.5)The summit Sgiath Chuil - 921 ( metres)
NN46183137227° SW1.33 (8.83)Pass to the west of Sgiath Chrom then descent to Creag nan Uan
NN45173050199° SSW0.32 (9.15)Ignore the track which head easterly out of your way
NN45053021209° SSW1.06 (10.21)Descend towards the Allt Riobain
NN44492930166° SSE0.46 (10.67)Head back on ascent route
Munros covered on Meall Glas & Sgiath Chuil
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
199 959 Meall Glas Rounded green hill Miaowl Glaz
269 921 Sgiath Chuil Sheltering Place Skeer Hool