South Glen Shiel Ridge

Summary for South Glen Shiel Ridge

South Glen Shiel Ridge is a route in “The ” region / range which is located in the area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

This is a route between two seperate points

Sunrise 5:00 am
Sunset 9:53 pm
16 hours 52 minutes(s) daylight
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Route points for South Glen Shiel Ridge

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NH076117110° ESE0.19 (0.19)From the Cluanie Inn, head East for the private road
NH07821167191° S0.52 (0.71)Follow the private road around
NH09260947156° SSE2.44 (3.15)Continue on the private road
NH10120718289° WNW1.48 (4.63)Follow the clearly marked path up to the summet
NH087077295° WNW1.47 (6.1)The summit Creag a' Mhaim - 947 ( metres)
NH074084264° W2.39 (8.49)The summit Druim Shionnach - 987 ( metres)
NH050083282° WNW1.86 (10.35)The summit Aonach air Chrith - 1021 ( metres)
NH032088293° WNW2.07 (12.42)The summit Maol Chinn-dearg - 981 ( metres)
NH0138097436° NE0.26 (12.68)don't miss summit as it lies northeast of the main ridge
NH015099216° SW0.26 (12.94)The summit Sgurr an Doire Leathain - 1010 ( metres)
NH01380974307° NW1.09 (14.03)don't miss summit as it lies northeast of the main ridge
NH005104301° WNW1.07 (15.1)The summit Sgurr an Lochain - 1004 ( metres)
NG99661104271° W1.31 (16.41)
NG983111281° W1.64 (18.05)The summit Creag nan Damh - 918 ( metres)
NG967115335° NNW0.54 (18.59)
NG96512011° N2.06 (20.65)Zigzag Down into Coire Toiteil to rejoin the main road
NG970140119° ESE1.54 (22.19)Hitch back ?
Munros covered on South Glen Shiel Ridge
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
109 1021 Aonach air Chrith Trembling ridge Ernoch ur Chree
122 1010 Sgurr an Doire Leathain Rocky peak of broad oak thicket Skoor un Thurrer Leheen
131 1004 Sgurr an Lochain Rocky peak of the little loch Skoor un Lochan
160 987 Druim Shionnach Ridge of foxes Drime Hyunoch
168 981 Maol Chinn-dearg Bald red head Merle Heen Jerrack
218 947 Creag a' Mhaim Cairn of the pass Krayk er Vime
273 918 Creag nan Damh Rock of the Stags Krayk nern Dav