The Five Sisters of Kintail

Summary for The Five Sisters of Kintail

The Five Sisters of Kintail is a route in “The Five Sisters of Kintail” region / range which is located in the Glen Affric and Kintail area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

This is a route between two seperate points

Sunrise 7:32 am
Sunset 5:36 pm
10 hours 3 minutes(s) daylight
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Sgurr na Ciste Duibhe, Sgurr na Carnach & Sgurr Fhuaran

11 km/ 6.84 miles1380 m/ 4527.56 ft5 hours plus
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The Five Sisters of Kintail is a justifiably popular route taking in 3 western munros in this group of mountains to the north of Glen Shiel. This route is similar in character as South Glen Shiel Ridge although the peaks are somewhat rockier and the ridges slightly narrower.

This routes start & finish points are approximately 11km apart and the use of a bike will obviate the need for a long route. Alternativly a bus comes up the A87 road from Shiel Bridge in the morning.

Route points for The Five Sisters of Kintail

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NH0055135771° ENE0.21 (0.21)Start from the layby at a break between forest plantations
NH0075136331° NNE0.3 (0.51)Continue up muddy path below Bealach an Lapain
NH00921388358° N0.61 (1.12)Climb steeply onto the col which is the lowest point of the ridge
NH00931449281° W2 (3.12)Head west following the obvoius path over a number of little peaks
NG98981498253° WSW0.39 (3.51)Continue of the summit of 'Peak of the Spaniards'
NG98601489289° WNW0.17 (3.68)Continue along as the ridge narrows and becomes rocky. Continue onto first munro then continue north west dropping to a stony col
NG984149277° W0.59 (4.27)The summit Sgurr na Ciste Duibhe - 1027 ( metres)
NG97751549356° N0.35 (4.62)From stony col continue onto the summit of Sgurr na Carnach continuing on dropping unto another col
NG977158350° N0.39 (5.01)The summit Sgurr na Carnach - 1002 ( metres)
NG9770162316° NNE0.44 (5.45)From col steeply climb onto Sgurr Fhuaran. Continue north
NG978166322° NW0.32 (5.77)The summit Sgurr Fhuaran - 1067 ( metres)
NG97661692337° NNW0.49 (6.26)Contnue dropping along curved ridge which leads to peak Sgurr nan Saighead
NG97421759309° NW0.63 (6.89)Head over Sgurr nan Saighead bypassing summit
NG96951801303° WNW1.3 (8.19)Bypass summit of Beinn Bhuidhe and descend down broad northwestern ridge
NG95901877313° NW0.85 (9.04)Follow the muddy path down alongside Allt a'Chruinn
NG94941999288° WNW0.61 (9.65)Pass some waterfalls
NG94372021217° SW1.6 (11.25)Finish by the small settlement of Ault a' Chruinn
Munros covered on The Five Sisters of Kintail
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
70 1067 Sgurr Fhuaran Rocky peak of the wolf Skoor Ooweran
105 1027 Sgurr na Ciste Duibhe Rocky peak of the black chest Skoor nuh Keeshta
134 1002 Sgurr na Carnach Rocky peak of the cairns Skoor nuh Karnach