The Ring of Steall

Summary for The Ring of Steall

The Ring of Steall is a route in “The ” region / range which is located in the area of the Scottish Highlands as defined by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

This is a circular route

Sunrise 5:02 am
Sunset 9:50 pm
16 hours 47 minutes(s) daylight
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Route points for The Ring of Steall

QGrid Ref.BearingDistance(km)Description
NN16869166° ENE0.39 (0.39)Glen Nevis follow the path
NN17216929148° SSE0.66 (1.05)Continue following the path round
NN17536871149° SSE0.3 (1.35)Opens out into glen and views of the glen
NN1767684487° E0.57 (1.92)Over the wire bridge
NN182684130° SE0.14 (2.06)View the Steall falls
NN183683123° ESE0.86 (2.92)Follow the path up the northern side of An Gearanach
NN190678230° SW0.5 (3.42)The path zig zags round
NN186675167° SSE0.6 (4.02)Climb roud steeply at places onto the summit
NN187669163° SSE0.42 (4.44)The summit An Gearanach - 982 ( metres)
NN188665204° SSW0.22 (4.66)An Gearanach - An Garbhanach
NN187663210° SSW0.36 (5.02)Down to Bealach a' Chada Riabhaich
NN185660219° SW1.34 (6.36)The summit Stob Coire a'Chairn - 981 ( metres)
NN176650292° WNW1.21 (7.57)The summit Am Bodach - 1032 ( metres)
NN165655311° NW0.45 (8.02)Sgor an Iubhair
NN1622658611° N0.91 (8.93)The Devils Ridge
NN164667308° NW0.13 (9.06)The summit Sgurr a'Mhaim - 1099 ( metres)
NN16356683289° WNW1.4 (10.46)take the easiest northwest ridge as the northeast is steep
NN150673326° NW1.12 (11.58)Allt Coire a' Mhusgain
NN14466830348° NNW0.12 (11.7)Car Park
Munros covered on The Ring of Steall
Ordersort icon Height Munro Meaning Pronunciation
51 1099 Sgurr a'Mhaim Rocky peak of the large rounded hill Skoor uh Vime
99 1032 Am Bodach The old man Am Bottoch
166 982 An Gearanach The complainer Un Gearahnoch
171 981 Stob Coire a'Chairn Peak of the corrie of the cairn Stob Korrer a Charn